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7 Essential Tools For Every DIY Mechanic

Repairing, servicing and modifying your own vehicle is an extremely gratifying task, which can become quite frustrating when you find you don’t have the tools you need to complete the job.

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11th June - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The latest update from Utopia Plates regarding Coronavirus, the measures being taken by us and whether walk-in sales will be facilitated.

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An update regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Let us provide you with information and reassurance regarding Utopia Plates online orders during the current pandemic.

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Are coloured 'crystal' number plates road legal?

You may have seen the latest trend in number plates, letters made from a coloured translucent acrylic below a gel layer. Some companies are claiming that these are road legal, and will pass an MOT, however this is not the case. Let us explain…

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Why do I have to provide the original physical documents when having plates made up?

A legally operating number plate supplier will ask for your original physical documents when you purchase number plates from them. Read more to discover the reasoning.

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3 Essential apps for autumn car journeys

Long car journeys can potentially be dreary, so here are our three app recommendations to improve your experience!

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So, you’ve decided to drive in Europe…

Driving in mainland Europe can seem like a daunting task for someone used to driving in the UK. Our guide aims to give you some times to make it easier!

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Do I need to tell my insurer about my new 3D or 4D number plates?

Wondering if you need to let your insurance know when you upgrade the number plates on your car? Read this blog post to shed some light.

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What size number plates do I need for a Range Rover?

Range Rovers, amongst other vehicles, feature a non-standard sized rear number plate. This blog post answers the question of what size they use.

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