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11th June - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

As the lockdown restrictions are eased, and businesses are allowed to return to operating normally, with the appropriate social distancing measures in place, Utopia Plates is returning to some semblance of normality.

All online orders are being fulfilled with their normal haste, as they have been during the whole pandemic. The average turnaround being 3-4 days from sending your documents to receiving your order. Documents are being processed and safely packaged the same day they arrive in the majority of cases.

Our staff are continuing to take precautions to ensure our workshop is kept clean and is sanitised regularly, and they are operating with social distancing measures in place.

We will once again be accepting walk-in sales, as long as social distancing measures are followed. You are welcome to enter our premises, or you can wait in your car while we process your documents and manufacture your number plates.

It’s important to remember that the pandemic is not yet over, but following the official guidelines reduces the potential risk for all.

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