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What if I want show plates?

Utopia Plates does not sell show plates, as they could be used on the road, even though the manufacturer may sell them on the basis that they will not be. For this reason, it is illegal for a Registered Number Plate Supplier to produce any number plates featuring a legitimate registration if they do not conform to the British Standard for number plates. As such, we will not sell show plates (this includes tinted plates, blank plates or those with non-standard spacing). We will only produce fully road legal plates, with standard spacing (as it appears on your V5C).

Can I add a slogan?

No, this is not road legal. The centre of the number plates must feature the company name and postcode of the manufacturer for them to conform to the British Standard. We cannot print your name or any other slogan in this space.

What is your Warranty Policy?

All of our plates come with a 12 month warranty. This covers you for ‘tunnelling’ where the reflective part of the number plate gets water behind and separates from the acrylic. Our warranty policy also covers you for any de-lamination of the letters. For any other warranty queries please contact us using the contact page.

When will my number plates be dispatched?

After you have provided your ID and entitlement documents, your order will be added to our production queue. Once your order has been reached in the queue, your plates will be manufactured and dispatched; this will typically be within 24 hours of sending your documents, unless there’s an issue with your order, in which case we’ll contact you.

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