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Are 4D Plates Legal in 2023?

As the trend for 4D plates continues to grow, many motorists are asking one crucial question: "Are 4D plates legal in 2023?". We can answer that question.

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Do Halfords Produce 4D Number Plates?

One of the frequently asked questions in the world of car registrations and aesthetics is whether the well-known retailer, Halfords, produces 4D number plates.

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Can I Put a Private Registration on My Car If It's on PCP Finance?

A private registration can be the perfect finishing touch to your car. But what if your car is on a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) finance deal?

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What are the different names that private plates are known by?

In this blog post, we'll explore the many names private plates are known by. Examples include private number plates, personalised plates and more!

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What Costs Are Involved in Getting a Private Registration?

Find out about the costs you can anticipate when purchasing a private registration from Utopia Plates.

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What Makes a Private Registration Exclusive?

What makes a private registration exclusive? What are those factors that transform a number plate into one of the "Exclusive Registrations"? Let's delve into the qualities that make a private registration stand out from the crowd.

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What are Hex Number Plates and are They Legal?

In the diverse world of private registration plates, one design has been turning heads due to its distinctive and innovative form - the Hex number plates.

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When Do New Number Plates Come Out?

For many car enthusiasts and automobile industry followers, the release of new number plates is a significant event. These occurrences, known as 'plate changes', happen twice a year and can stir excitement amongst drivers looking to get their hands on a brand new vehicle bearing the latest age marker. But when do these new plates actually come out? Let's dive into it.

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Important Notice: Introduction of Cancellation Fee at Utopia Plates

As of 20th July 2023, Utopia Plates is implementing a cancellation fee applicable to all orders for number plates and private registrations.

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