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How can I transfer my private registration to my new car?

It’s new car day soon and you’re getting excited, but you’re not sure how to transfer your private registration to the new car? Read here about the process.

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How do I get a private registration to put on my car?

Want to get your hands on a private registration for your car, but not sure where to look? We aim to explain the process!

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Why do I need to show my documents when having number plates made up?

When you have your number plates produced by a legal supplier, they’ll ask you for a couple of documents. This blog post answers “why?”.

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Answering questions about number plates; the law

Let us answer a few of the more common questions regarding number plates in the UK to ensure you receive a fully road legal product.

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Where can I get window tints in the North East?

Looking to enhance your vehicle with window tints in the North East? Discover Utopia Tints in Durham, offering high-quality window tinting and more.

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What are 3D Gel Resin number plates?

Discover 3D Gel Resin Number Plates from Utopia Plates! Understand their legality, durability, and optional extras. Elevate your vehicle's style today!

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What are 4D laser cut acrylic number plates?

4D plates is a term used to describe a new generation of number plates. You may find yourself asking, what makes 4D plates 4 dimensional? Well, we ask ourselves the same question. The name is illogical, but it’s the industry standard now so we just accept it and work with it.

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How can I put my new number plates on my car?

A common question that we get at Utopia Plates is: “How can I put my new number plates on my car?”. You have a couple of options, each with their pros and cons which can depend on the plate type.

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We have secured a new building in the illustrious Dragonville Industrial Park, which will comprise of a dedicated shop for Utopia Plates and a large workshop for Utopia Tints.

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