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Can I Put a Private Registration on My Car if It's a Lease?

In recent years, we've seen a shift in how people choose to drive their vehicles. A growing number of people prefer to lease their vehicles rather than buy them outright. While this provides flexibility and potential cost-saving advantages, it also raises an important question - how much can you personalise a leased vehicle?

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How should I choose a Registered Number Plate Supplier?

When choosing a supplier for your number plate, there are a few things you should consider to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product that complies with all legal requirements.

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What is the difference between 3D Gel number plates and 4D plates?

You might have heard these industry standard terms being used to describe the different variations of premium number plates available on the market, and have wondered what the difference is between the styles.

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What stocking fillers can I buy for a petrolhead?

We all know somebody who is absolutely mad about cars, so what can we get them for Christmas? Here are a couple of inexpensive stocking filler ideas from Utopia Plates.

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How do I buy number plates as a Christmas present?

With the festive season upon us, a lot of people are asking the same question - how can I buy number plates as a gift? The UK laws regarding purchasing number plates add some steps to the process, meaning it isn’t as simple as ordering a number plate and getting it delivered, however it isn’t a complex process by any means.

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Has Utopia Plates moved?

Yes! Utopia Plates Ltd and Utopia Tints Ltd have both moved to a new premises in Dragonville Industrial Park. The new address for both businesses is Unit 1, Dragonville Industrial Park, Dragon Lane, Durham, DH1 2XJ.

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Will 3D gel & 4D number plates be illegal after September 2021?

For the past few months, a rumour has been circulating that 3D gel and 4D laser cut number plates will be illegal from September 2021 - this is a rumour which is quite simply false!

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Can I buy someone number plates as a gift?

As we draw ever closer to Christmas, we’ve been receiving a lot of messages asking if it’s possible to purchase 3D gel or 4D laser cut number plates as a Christmas present. The short answer, is yes!

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Information Regarding Lockdown 2

As the United Kingdom enters a second lockdown, there is a lot of confusion and speculation around which businesses may stay open and operate, and which must close. We’d like to give some clarification with regards to ourselves.

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