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What size number plates do I need for a Range Rover?

Many vehicles on the road, especially ones produced by Jaguar Land Rover, feature a non-standard sized rear plate. These are often a design choice to fill the space on the rear of the vehicle more or to achieve a unique look.

So when it comes to buying premium number plates for your car, be it a Range Rover, Range Rover Sport or Jaguar vehicle, you might find yourself wondering how to find the correct plate for your car.

The Range Rover uses a 21 inch by 6 inch oversized oblong rear number plate, which fills the large space on the boot nicely. The newer Range Rover Sport vehicles use the same plate, but the older style use an oversize plate which points upwards on either side.

If you’d like to purchase an oversize Range Rover or Range Rover Sport rear plate, please use the following product to ensure you get the correct plate for your vehicle.

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