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Do I need to tell my insurer about my new 3D or 4D number plates?

In the UK, our insurance companies have strict rules on letting them know when you make any modifications to the standard specification of your vehicle. This is so that they have an accurate record of the parts featured on your car (should they need replaced in the event of an insurance claim) and so that they can accurately reflect the value of your vehicle with these modifications present. Additionally, if you increase the power of the vehicle, this potentially makes the vehicle more high risk in the eyes of the insurer.

So when it comes to getting a new set of number plates, do you need to inform your insurer?

When you are changing the registration on your vehicle - putting your private plate onto the car - you’ll need to let your insurer know, so they are insuring the correct car on the road, and have a record of the vehicle. However, if you’re just buying a set of 3D gel or 4D laser cut number plates to replace your standard printed plates, it’s very unlikely that you need to tell your insurance company. You don’t need to tell your insurance company when you get a standard printed number plate, so there shouldn’t be any reason to tell the insurer about a fancy set of 3D or 4D number plates.

However, there is so little information regarding this, so you shouldn’t take this blog post as gospel. If you’re worried, give your insurer a call and ask them directly to get a proper answer. The last thing we’d want is for you to have issues!

Now that you’ve got some answers, why not check out our offering of 3D gel and 4D laser cut acrylic number plates?

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