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Can I put a Personalised Number Plate on my Motability Car?

When leasing a vehicle through the Motability Scheme, many customers ponder whether they can personalise their vehicles with a unique number plate. Good news! It is indeed possible, but there are specific procedures and criteria to follow.

Initial Consideration and Consent

Before making any purchases, you need to contact Motability’s customer services at 0300 456 4566 or use their live chat feature to discuss the addition of a personalised plate to your Scheme car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV).

Motability will request details to ensure that:

  • The new plates are owned by the Scheme user or a partner residing at the same address.
  • The plates are being fitted for the customer’s benefit.

Criteria and Restrictions

The content displayed on your plates should relate to the disabled customer or their spouse/partner, provided they live at the same address. The characters and words used should not offend anyone.

Adding Personalised Plates at the Start of Your Lease

Once Motability agrees to the addition of the personalised plates, some dealers might be able to attach them before you collect your new car or WAV. The dealers would require the Certificate of Entitlement (V750) or Retention Certificate (V778) from the DVLA, depending on whether the plates have been used.

If your dealer cannot add the personalised plates or has already registered your vehicle, accept the new vehicle with standard plates. After a minimum of five days, contact Motability to add your personalised number plate.

Adding Plates During Your Lease

If you wish to add personalised plates after receiving your car or WAV, call or chat live with Motability and provide the necessary documents depending on whether your plates have been registered before. If Motability agrees, they usually update the DVLA records during the conversation.

Removing Plates at the End of Your Lease

Around four weeks before your lease ends, Motability will send you a letter with information about removing your personalised number plates. If you wish to keep them for future use, ensure they remain registered with the DVLA.

To keep the plates:

  • Use the DVLA website to complete half of the required process.
  • Have the plate number, your postcode, and the document number from the V5C registration certificate ready.

What If I Don’t Want to Keep the Plates?

If you decide not to retain your personalised plates, inform Motability’s customer service immediately. If so, the vehicle will be sold with your personalised plates at the end of your lease, causing you to forfeit the right to display this number plate in the future.


Adding a personalised number plate to your Motability car or WAV is possible and fairly straightforward. By following the outlined steps and staying in close communication with Motability and your dealer, you can add that personal touch to your vehicle, making your journeys more enjoyable!

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