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3 Essential apps for autumn car journeys

You’re just about to head out on a long car journey, you know you are probably going to listen to the same music compilation CD for the hundredth time, but there’s more to it than the CD, trust us. Let us suggest 3 apps to unlock your smartphones' potential of being the perfect travelling companion.


Spotify is an audio streaming service, with a free and paid plan which provides access to pretty much every song you could think of, with the addition of a vast library of podcasts. If it’s ABBA gold you’re after, or some classic New Monkey and Eurodance anthems, Spotify is the place for you. You simply select a playlist, connect it to your car and you’re set. There are also some great podcasts on Spotify, which if you are unfamiliar with, are essentially a pre-recorded radio show. Some we would recommend are Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster, a fantasy food podcast with celebrity guests, or perhaps the Ron Burgundy podcast with Will Ferrell playing his famous character from the film The Anchorman. Both just an example, there are many other podcasts from a variety of genres.


It seems like only yesterday Satnavs were the new craze, many a joke about it ‘re-calculating’…all to be made redundant by the smart phone. Most of the leading smartphones include their own ‘map’ software, but we feel like none of them compare to Waze.

A new take on your typical ‘satnav’ app, Waze offers community driven updates to help users get from A to B in the best time possible. With Waze, users are in the driving seat (pun intended) to help fellow motorists from encountering disruptions. With an easy to use interface and fast response time, the app seamlessly puts you onto the right journey, changing your route in advance should it anticipate any delays. Because it is community driven, you will be receiving constant live updates on your journey to avoid sudden traffic queuing or hazards, such as a broken down car on the side of the motorway. These features are often lacking in built-in satnavs and store bought units. Also, there are sometimes guest voices – we particularly loved the DJ Khaled limited edition voice.


Audible is another audio streaming service, however it specifically streams audio books. Audio books are a convenient way to consume reading material, without having to read! They often feature the author of the book, or a chosen narrator, to read the book to you. This is an excellent way to fill a car journey, as it won’t take your attention away from the driving, but will provide entertainment. Sometimes these can include celebrity readers for example, the Harry Potter series is actually narrated by Stephen Fry. There are many free promotions for Audible if you search online, giving you the option of owning a free audio book.

Check out your chosen mobile app store for these great apps. For the record, this isn’t a paid promotion, we just want you to be more comfortable on your journeys – you’re welcome.

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